Looking for a body, costume or item? You've found the right place. Clone popular items. Find imaginative costumes and more. have fun, talk and meet in the cafe area..


The stockpile is many explorers first real experience of manyland, it is where newbies can explore and experience learning about the different types and how they work. Not only have its owners created an amazing place to socialize and to collect; they also ensure that it is a safe and well managed space for all those who visit and for this above all else, we commend them.

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Hello cow! I know I shouldn't be asking for edits bc that's really rude, and I don't know if you even check this anymore, but I am requesting permission to try and get stockpile up and running once again, it was my favorite place in the early days, and it still is, but I miss talking to the many people that would gather there in search of skins or good company. I want to return stockpile to its original glory. Thank you for making manyland the world it is today. - Emma


i think you should add me as an editor to stockpile. why? just because. i have a few cool skins.

Cow, the Starbucks world is getting so famous.. And Stockpile is getting deserted.. I miss the old Stockpile where there are a lot of people.. It seems empty now.. Maybe a little bit too empty.. disappointed

its a nice world , very well done cow and its a very good world for manyzens :)

Aw, not true. I don't know most of the creators of the featured bodies. I try to add based on how it looks, not who made it.

Gotta say, it gets a little annoying that the only skins used anymore are the ones that are featured in Stockpile... Also, the only featured skins anymore are the skins made by editors and friends of editors.

@Nat the Narwhal You go to your area's profile, then click edit area. You need to take a screenshot of your world first though. smile I hope this helped!

Hello everyone! Excuse me, but how do you change the World Picture for Manyunity? To make it look interesting? I hope someone could answer me! Thank you!! ~ Nat the Narwhal whale

Hi everyone! Stockpile is Awesome like '@Alpha Ace' Best place to hangout and chill!~ :3

this place is the best to hangout and just chill and can anyone tell me how to change my profile pick?

Stockpile is a great place! Great job Cow! :) Im amazed by what people can make and create. :)